Think About your Thinking Redux

Task: Reflect on your experience performing one of the required collection activities. What did you find most challenging? What questions remain? Why do you think I required it? What advice would you give a student if you could travel into the future and give them advice?

Copyright Condrums

This activity was one that I actually ended up really enjoying even though for me it was challenging. I think the most challenging thing for me was watching the video of myself after I recorded it. I really hate hearing or seeing myself on film so it is always painful to review stuff like this for me. I don’t like the sound of my voice so I think that is the main issue but with that being said I thought it was a great way to air out questions about fair use and copyright. I really enjoyed watching other peoples videos and hearing the scenarios they came up with. I think that after listening to the scenarios and the various replies I have a better understanding of copyright. I think this assignment was required because it helps you to see if we fully understand the concepts at hand. It also helps the students to better understand the various components of fair use/copyright. As for questions that remain I’m curious to see how people respond to my scenario and what they think about it. If I could give advice to a future student about this assignment it would be don’t wait too long to complete this assignment because it takes some thinking to complete.

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