Collaborate (a little)

The original statements are here:

Small Group Communication Factors:
1. The most important goal for a group in this class would be to complete the stated task(s).
2. Groups are most productive when a leader steps forward to run meetings and allocate tasks.
3. We should have a high degree of tolerance for group members who are late to synchronous meetings or do not attend due to other obligations.
4. Creating friendships and completing the group task are equally important.
5. Criticizing other group members should be avoided.
6. Avoiding smaller conflicts is the best method to reduce conflict escalation.
7. All group members should have identical goals and reasons for being involved.
8. Majority rule is the best method of group decision making.
9. If one group member is not pulling his or her weight, the other group members should confront that person together.
10. Everyone in the group should receive the same grade for group projects.

The attached infograph is our edited version of the original 10 statements. I worked with Liz and Morgan over google docs to create this document. Liz then took the final list and created an infographic using canvas and she did a great job!
I’ve worked with googledocs before and I really like using it because I think it helps group projects to flow better. Overall the experience was relatively easy and we agreed on most of the statements so there wasn’t very much conflict. Googledocs is nice because you can see who made what edits so it is pretty easy to discuss the process with various group members. In the past I’ve had problems with group projects but this time it was actually a nice experience and I wouldn’t mind doing it again!

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  1. I love when Nousionauts work together and don’t hate it 🙂 Group work can be challenging!

    Can you share the Google Doc you worked on together?

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